Ørnen Hotel

Project details

Location: Bergen, Norway

Size: 17 642m²


Recognition: 1. Prize invited arch. competition 2010

Built: 2014

Project description

Located in Bergen close to the central rail station, the new 365 bed hotel is conceived as a lofty and prominent landmark on one of the main entrance roads into the city centre.
Influenced by the planning regulations which stipulate differing maximum building heights across the site, the building plays on this and acts as a mediator between the heights of the various surrounding buildings addressing the ‘towering’ neighbour to the south and stepping down to address the large elongated multi-storey car park to the east and the remaining traditional five and six storey buildings which characterise this area of Bergen.

The southern block with its high facade is articulated with a play on the vertical tension from floor to floor, and this contrasts with horizontal emphasis and layering of the facades to the side wings which are lower in height.
The materials are simple and consistent. The main cladding is to be a sheet material that can be bowed and shaped in such a way that relatively deep facade reliefs can be achieved whilst minimising the flashings and edge reveals.

The main cladding is to be white, reflecting a typical renovated Bergen Facade. At night the white faced panels will pick up colour from the internal lighting contributing a contrast of colour compared to the clean white of the facade during the day.