Oslofjord Convention Centre – Brunstad

Project details

Location: Tønsberg, Norway

Size: 130 000m²



Built: Under Construction

Project description

The development

The majority of the new development area is located on the new plateau west of the main hall, where today is endless rows of parking and caravans. The plateau is vey cut off from the rest of the functions on Brunstad, it is only from the brink of the plateau one sees the terraces south of the main hall of the main entrances to the main hall and

conference centre, and get a glance towards the beach area, the bay and the terraced houses on the valley floor. Establishment of a general sight from the plateau towards

the fjord to bind the plateau with the valley floor, we establish a new sight from the access zone on the plateau of the fjord, which provides visual contact to the convention

centre, the valley, the coastal zone and the fjord. Upon arrival at Brunstad the sight will immediately give the participant an overview of where you are in relation to the

main entrances to the convention centre and other functions, and provide a foundation for the landscape environment, with contact to the foothills that define the landscape

to the east and west and overlook the bay and the archipelago around. It is important that the Oslo fjord Convention Centre/Brunstad perceived as a “destination” from the

moment you arrive on the accommodation and community activities in the great hall and recreation areas, to leaving the area through the same point you arrived.