Hotel Park Inn Oslo Airport Gardermoen

Project details

Location: Oslo Airport Gardermoen

Size: 16 000m²



Built: 2010

Project description

Phase 1: 16 000m², 300 beds, 1 500m² conference.
Opened autumn 2010
Phase 2: extra 150 beds.

The 300-room hotel is situated on a demanding lot just a “slipper distance” from the airport terminal building and next to the office and service building “Flyporten”. To grace the rooms with the best views possible and disassociate the hotel from the hard edges of the neighbouring structures, the hotel was designed with two identical wings of rooms consisting of straight and curved wall surfaces that combine to form a courtyard. This basic shape also initiates the distinctive course of the hotel corridors. The strong hues in the courtyard between the wings of rooms emphasise that the stringent colour and materials codes of the terminal area do not apply here. An indoor walk leads from the reception toward the restaurant and conference centre on the basement floor. Plans have been made for a second stage of construction at the site with another 150 rooms. The building has prefabricated glass façades. A few of the rooms have bays, providing individual variations.