Cultural Centre, Larvik

Project details

Location: Larvik, Norway

Size: 6 500m²



Built: 2009

Project description

The property is central and poses challenges: an old industrial quay centrally located in Larvik’s inner harbour at the mouth of the Farris River with the stunning Larvik Fjord as a backdrop and the site is visible from much of the city, perched on the hills above. The culture centre Bølgen [The Wave] is a catalyst for “The new Larvik – the city that dips its toes in the water”. The concept is clear cut: With such an exposed location the building could have no rear. The dominating form is comprised of the wood faced main hall and stage rise (550 seats), which are placed in the middle of the docks. This main element breaks through a thin metal-clad roof surface accentuating its light weight as it is supported by slender columns and latticed steel beams. Tall glass walls with delicate frameworks girdle the hall and spaces for the public and allow them an expansive view of the fjord, river and city. In the rising landscape to the west, partly subterranean, three cinemas have been fit in, of poured concrete, with an art gallery above that opens toward the city. The execution is characterized by industrial simplicity. The roof surface is of light roof elements with their standardized facing of corrugated steel plates. The detail work of the supporting steel is standardized. The quay’s concrete surface has been retained and guided right into the foyer areas as polished concrete. The building is intended to be durable, open and stimulating for performers, whether they be amateurs or professionals.