Clarion – The Edge Hotel

Project details

Location: Tromsø, Norway

Size: 13 000 m²


Recognition: 1. Prize invited arch. competition 2010

Built: 2012-2014

Project description

First Prize invited competition 2010

The 290 bedroom hotel is located on the exposed site where the Tromsø Bridge and the Arctic Cathedral are prominent elements that sit nicely within the typical North Norwegian distinctive landscape.
The Arctic Cathedral (by Jan Inge Hovig) is a great relevance and we have looked to strike a dialogue between the cathedral and the new hotel. In so doing, we have carefully pulled the head of the hotel back to create a loud and clear signal building that will become prominent in the city. Along with its structure the new hotel will have some of the same characteristics of the cathedral, it will be clean, simple, with light conceivable forms and characteristic sharp lines.

The hotel will stand boldly against the quay front, tapering down towards the city behind. The hotel will consist of an entrance foyer, reception and restaurant at ground and first floor, with conference facilities in a lower ground floor including auditoria, and ten floors of guest rooms.

The main form is composed of separate wings with a building structure and skin that vary in height and are juxtaposed at angles, creating a series of break points where the change in direction provides openings into lounges on the upper floors and wings of interior corridors giving access to the guest rooms.
At ground level the quay and waterfront is pulled right into the building, with the foyer stepped with terraces allowing the water level to be viewed from all parts of the reception and public interior.